One week ago today this little guy entered our lives n chaged it forever!

Last Sunday just about supper time I was shcked to see our girl Willow had just had to little baby goats.  It was her first kidding.  She tended to baby number 1 but not number 2 (Sammy). Rob n I waited for over an hour to see if nature will take over but sadly Willow just left Sammy behind.  Rob went down to the feild to get him when he briught Sammy up to the house he was so close to death.  I took him in my arms and began to wipe the birthing veil off of him.  Soon our female dog came into the bathroom n bgan to lick Sammy clean. She was rather agressive I thought n I tried more than once to push her away but she was insistant.  I realized Saddie knew better than I what Sammy needed. She stimulated him so well he bagan to move n cry.  Saddie n I sat up most of that first nite watching over him n feeding him n loving him.  I was so happy to see Sammy up n alert the next morning. Saddie has always been a special dog but she sure is my n Sammy's hero after this adventure.  Sammy thinks Saddie is his mommy now so cute seeing them together.

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