• Let's Splash Soaps presents Let's Splash Wicks n Flames

    Hello my peeps!   Wow have we been busy this season.  We have added a whole new segment to our shop!  Let's Splash Wicks n Flames.  You can now pur...
  • The beauty of Honey

    Did you know...... Honey has so many benefits and uses. One of the most fascinating benefits is that honey has antibacterial and anti fungal agents...
  • Life is stressful treat yourself to a relaxing bath!

    Treat yourself to a relaxing bath we have a bath bomb for everyone!
  • Another Sleepless Night

    Yes! I too can not sleep either!  Uggg. I am up in the wee hours in the morning and just cant seem to get a good nights sleep these days.  I have s...
  • Let's Splash Soap Blog

    We have a new website hope you all like it.  We are still filling on-line orders.  Keep washing your hands and stay safe.