Va-Jay-Jay Wash

Va-Jay-Jay Wash

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Artisan Natural Va-Jay-Jay Wash. OMGosh Ladies you know how it is, one day you are all good down there and the next you are wondering what the heck happened? We are so sensitive down there and its so easy to get things out of balance. My Natural Va-Jay-Jay Wash is perfect to naturally help you get back to healthy and fresh down there.  This classic handcrafted Honey Soap Bar paired with some Apple Cider Vinegar to help get you back to a good PH level. I use a Essential Oil Blend perfect for the down there health.

Now if things are still off down there and continues please go see a doctor and get checked out.

Thank you for visiting us here at Let's Splash Soap. We have a bar for every body. Product of Heavenly Ridge Farm, Placerville, California

Recipe Contains:

Organic Materials

Plant Based Ingredients

Virgin Coconut Oil

Paraben Free

Alcohol Free

Ether Free

Gentle on your tender vittle skin

Eco Freindly

Zero Waste

No Animal Testing

Small Batch Recpe