Artisan Natural Handlebar Set  Love your Stache!

Artisan Natural Handlebar Set Love your Stache!

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Artisan Natural Handlebar Set this set includes a Mustache Wash Bar and a matching Mustache Balm. Using a Mustache Wash is a very important step in your mustache care routine.  The hair on your lip is very different than the hair on top of your head. Therefore using soap or shampoos on your mustache is not a good idea. Most soaps and shampoos have a job to do it is to strip your hair of its excess oils.  Your Mustache needs those oils and more times than not it needs even more oils to look healthy and happy. Our Mutache Wash Bar is made to gently cleanse, nourish and moisturize your beautiful mustache. Mustache Balm is a deep contitioner used to moisturize and soften your mustache hair. Our Mustache Balm could help keep your stache looking fuller. All of our products are handcrafted made from good wholesome ingredients geared to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your mustache with out stripping it of its natural oils.

Thank you for visiting us here at Let's Splash Soap home of The Bearded Gent USA. Product of Heavenly Ridge Farm, Placerville, California

Resipe Contains:

Organic Materials

Plant Based Ingredients

Virgin Coconut Oil

Gentle on your skin

Papaben Free

Alcohol Free

Ether Free

Eco Friendly

Zero Waste

No Animal Testing

Samll Batch Recipe