Artisan African Black Soap Bar scented in Wildflowers

Artisan African Black Soap Bar scented in Wildflowers

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Artisan Natural African Black Soap Bar scented in Wildflowers.  African Black Soap is the latest skincare product out there and it is gaining more attention. African Black Soap is a plant based soap an excellent cleanser that can help remove harmful bactieria from your skin. Safe to use on all skin types especially sensitive and acne prone skin. This soap is a moisturizer it can help relieve and sooth irritated, itch dry skin. Rich in Vitamins it nourishes your fabulous skin keeping it healthy and happy.

Ingredients: Ashes of Plantain, Coco Powder, Leaves of a Palm Tree, Coconut n Palm Oils. Coco n Shea Butters. Glycerin, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol. Essential Oils n Scented Oils. Rich in nutrients, gentle exfoliation, deep moisturizing soap bar.  Love your skin!  4 oz bar

Thank you for visiting us here at Let's Splash Soap.  We have a bar for every body.  Product of Heavenly Ridge Farm, Placerville, California 

Recipe Contains:

Organic Materials

Plant Based Ingredients

Virgin Coconut Oil

Aluminum Free

Papaben Free

Alcohol Free

Ether Free


Gentle on your skin

Eco Friendly

Zero Waste

No Animal Testing

Small Batch Recipe