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Wholesale Artisan Soap Bars is an easy way to start you own soap selling business.  These bars are already packaged and can be purchased unlabled so you can lable them yourself with your information please remember your lable should show the scent, the ingredients (a regulation needed to properly sell soap) and Your information. These avalible scents are our best sellers to help you along the beginning path of owning and running your own soap shop, website, or booth at your local Farmers Markets or Craft Fairs.  

Our Pricing is as Follows"

12 Bars $7.00 each bar = $84.00

24 bars $6.50 each bar = $156.00

36 bars $6.00 each bar = $216.00

I am willing to mix n match please contact us so we can work out the details thank you

Cyndi Renn

(530) 363-8153

Owner of Let's Splash Soap

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