Prosperity Candle Attract Money, Wealth and Riches Abound

Prosperity Candle Attract Money, Wealth and Riches Abound

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Handcrafted Prosperity Candle, Attract Money, Wealth and Riches.  Our Prosperity Candle is made to call abundance into your enviroment and your life. Turn things around and promote encouragement to you or someone you love. Created to help with Good Luck and Success to your life  Soy and Paraffin wax blend, scented in Attract Money, with a Wooden Wick for a slow clean burn.

WARNING: Do Not Burn Unattended, Keep Away from Combustable Items, Keep Away from Children and Pets.  Please burn responcibaly.

Thank you for visiting us here at Let's Splash Soap home of Let's Splash Wicks and Flames.  Product of Heavenly Ridge Farm, Placerville, California

Recipe Contains:

Organic Material

Plant Based Ingredients

Petro Free

Alcohol Free

Ether Free


Eco Friendly

Zero Waste

Small Batch Recipe